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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:08 am  Post subject: Note Updated Regulations for Progression Raiding Reply with quoteBottom of PageBack to top

<Shar Hellven> has always been focused on being a 25 man guild working on progressing through the latest content. We pride ourselves on being a "casual" guild where RL is a priority while also having fun playing the game. However, with the change to shared raid lock-outs between 10 and 25 mans, we have been continuously struggling as a guild to make progress.

With no outlet through 10s for the more hardcore players, as well as constant issues with recruitment and people just having had enough of WOW after so many years, we as a guild are struggling. We are hearing more and more QQ from people who want to raid more than the 1 night a week we seem to be getting a 25 man together. And those nights we do seem to have enough, there are a lot of people who are not familiar with encounters, so nothing new is happening for those raiders that do show every time.

After many nights of discussion between the officers and taking feedback from members of the guild who have raised these issues, we have decided to try something new.

For the next couple of weeks, and then continuing on for the new content to come in 4.3, we will be trying out the following. Please remember at this point nothing is set in stone, we will be switching things up as things do/do not work as expected, and OMG! THIS SUCKS MONKEY BALLS posts are not helpful.

We do not want Shar Hellven to go the way of many guilds on the server and slowly fade away, and feel that we need to make changes to keep a majority of our current guildies happy to be with Shar.

Tuesdays - 25man Casual Raid

  • These will concentrate on farmed content, plus potential for attempts on specific progression boss if there is time. Ideally a full clear of available raid prior to 11:30pm, given prompt starting time. The biggest change will be that this raid is open to alternate sanctioned characters. Sanctioned characters must meet the requirements to raid (gear, performance etc) outlined in our raid rules. Sanctioned characters will be rolling on equal footing with all players in the raid under the current loot system. Main spec and off spec rolls will still be called in that order as normally done.

  • The officers will keep an eye out for potential alt-rotating where someone bringing one character consistently is missing out on specific loot because different alts are cycling in. As a general rule we want you to use the same alt, unless we have a specific need for a particular role to make the raid viable, and this will be at the discretion of the RL.

Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon - 10man raids

  1. 10 man raids will be scheduled in advance. Ideally this will be at least 2 10 man raids a week, where a raid consists of 2-3 nights a week and raiders *must* commit to showing up on the scheduled dates.

  2. Players will opt in for 10m and be elected based off gear level and most importantly ability/awareness. We will be more strict about this last point in these 10 mans, and RL's will provide feedback about what you need to be doing to be eligible for a spot.

  3. We will be focusing on pushing new content while making sure that those who are available/willing/able are included without falling back to the slow pulls and multiple repeated explanations that are currently slowing our 25m raids.

  4. Continuous 'no-shows' will be noted and rotated out for players filling in and with more reliable attendance. If you know beforehand of an upcoming event that might prevent you from attending then advise your RL as soon as possible, RL's have various options to mend an empty raid slot that doesn't always mean missing on the raid, with enough notice we can: schedule a sub for said day, swapping a player from the other raid, or maybe even cancel the raid for that day and prioritize showing up on the next raid meeting. So please, be considerate advise ahead of time and ensure the RL read your notice.

  5. Sign up will primarily be handled in game via the calendar sign up/invite method already in place. Calendar announcements will be posted via the forums, but the in-game sign up will be the primary selection/invite method.

So what does this mean for you?

Changes, but hopefully good ones that still keep Shar Hellven a successful guild where there is something for everyone.

If you are a casual player who wants to see raid content without falling back to PUG's then Tuesday nights are for you. We see Tuesdays as a night to gear up players on farmed content, while still having time to work on a new encounter/heroic if time permits. People can bring an alt for a change of play style to keep things new while still having fun raiding with the guild.

If you are willing to spend more time playing and push new content, sign up for a 10m that is running on nights that you can attend.

If you want to raid most nights do both! Sign up with an alt on Tuesdays, a main for a 10m, be available with another geared alt (and we know some of you have MANY!) to fill in as necessary on any other night.


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