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PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:54 pm  Post subject:  Raid Rules and Regulations Reply with quoteBottom of PageBack to top

Below are Shar Hellven’s new raid rules for Warlords of Draenor.

As with any major guild rule changes, there may be adjustments/changes as we progress through content with these rules in action.
Any questions/concerns may be addressed to officers.

The goal of these rules is to facilitate successful raid progression that combines steady progress and gearing, while allowing everyone wanting to raid to see the full content provided in WoD.

Highmaul Gear Requirements
• Minimum 625 ilvl equipped (Moroes' Famous Polish encouraged)
• Proper Basic Gem/Enchanting Required
• Gear aligned with Spec/Role signed up for

Raid invites are based on calendar sign ups. Raids are usually posted on the calendar 1 week prior.

Signed Up - means, barring unexpected circumstances, you will be online and ready to go at raid start time.

Tentative - If you expect you may be late/unavailable at start time, but still wish to raid when available.

If you are online at raid start but not Signed Up/Tentative, it will be assumed you do not wish to raid.

If you are online at raid start and flagged Tentative, it will be assumed you are available for raid unless you communicate otherwise to an officer.
(Only sign ups on the in game calendar are official as this is where invites are sorted - the Facebook page does not count as a sign up)

The addition of flex raid sizes allows us to take any where between 10-30 people to the Raid and have it scale with numbers. No longer are we forced to sit people due to hitting 10/25 player caps and that the raid size can increase/decrease on the fly.

It needs to be stressed that flex sizes do not mean people will be allowed to consistently wander online late to raid. If you are Signed Up to be there, you will be expected to be online and ready to accept raid invites at start time. Flex allows us to a) not sit people due to number caps and b) pick up people with prior/unavoidable real life circumstances to join in as they become available. If people treat flex as ‘log on whenever’, it quickly snowballs into late logins and late starts.

If you know your ability to attend raids on time will consistently be hindered, please communicate this to an officer. As always, real life takes precedence over WoW, and there’s no penalty’s for members who fall into this category, however communicating this to officers allows us to separate real life from slacking off.

Raid Roles:
The addition of flex raids means that there will potentially be times when we have surplus of certain roles, specifically Heals and Tanks - occasionally DPS, hindering an ideal comp for raid success. In these cases, some people who are wanting to attend in a role of their preference may be asked to switch to off-specs. Role priority will be given based on attendance and performance history at raid leaders discretion.

Raid Preparedness:
Raids start at the scheduled raid time with invites going out shortly before.
If you are Signed Up, the following are expected of you:

• Be online
• Gear repaired
• Out of group
• Have raid consumables (flasks/pots/food) on hand
• Be ready to zone in.

As there is no flying, we may designate a staging area away from the entrance and head in as a group depending on the PvP situation at the entrance. While we will do our best to provide raid feasts, some people may wish to bring their own specific stat food. Potions and flasks may be obtained from AH or crafted by guild alchemists (check the guild profession list for crafters/mats - crafting within Shar is provided free of cost, but mats should be provided by the requester).

Raid members are required to have Mumble installed and on during raids. A mic is not necessary however being able to hear raid leader instructions and directions are critical to raid success. Please keep chatter during encounters to a minimum.

DBM (or comparable encounter mod) are also required. DBM is the most up to date and can be configured to run minimal info for those on older systems. If you are still gaming on a TI-82 and absolutely can't use DBM, please communicate this to an officer.

General raid tier progression will be Normal > Heroic > Mythic.
Depending on raid performance/gearing, the Normal difficulty may be bypassed at RL/officer discretion.

The addition of flex scaling will allow for tiered progression within each difficulty level. What this means is while each raid starts with everyone wanting in getting a spot, as the raid hits any walls in progress, it can be adjusted to improve chances of success. Raid adjustments may include role changes or asking players to sit. Adjustments are at the discretion of RL/officers and are based solely on objective criteria.

It’s important to note that a single wipe will not result in these adjustments. Adjustments will only be implemented if the raid hits an encounter that puts it at a standstill with no significant progress between attempts. These adjustments allow the raid to continue downing bosses and provides valuable experience and gear so that less adjustments are necessary in future raids. Tiered progress was successfully tested in SoO and allowed everyone who wanted a full clear, to get a full clear.

Mythic difficulty - in the case in which we to reach the Mythic level, the raid comp is no longer flex and is a fixed 20-man raid size. In this case, raid invites will be based on overall performance and comp needs with every effort to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at attending.

Loot Rules:
Loot will be distributed under two methods which will be determined and communicated by officers at the start of a raid.

Personal - This is the LFR style loot, where everyone has a unique personal roll for loot off a boss independent of any other player.
This method will most likely be implemented for the first few weeks of a tier to speed up progression as well as any drops will be upgrades.

High Roll with Officer Loot Council Oversight - This is essentially high roll wins. The oversight council is there to keep track of where loot is being distributed and step in if loot distribution gets unbalanced and hinders even gearing that allows for steadier progression. For the most part, the council aspect won’t be needed. The loot council is unbiased and focused on what will lead to smoother raid progression. Cases in which the officer loot council will step in include, but are not limited to:

• Specific roles needing additional gearing to clear a raid wall.
• Uneven distribution from high roll to single individuals/roles.
• Set piece completions
• Excessive runs of bad luck.
• Loot whoring (yes, we do keep track of those sidegrade/non-ideal stat rolls)

Roll eligibility is Main Spec (Need) > Off Spec (Greed) > Alts
Due to most core gear pieces being cross spec, MS vs OS is moot, though rolling Need on a piece that has poor MS secondaries but great OS secondaries will be frowned upon and possibly incur officer oversight. In the case of people being asked to play off specs and it's necessary for the raid to happen, they will be eligible to roll Need on items for that spec. If it's just for a change of pace, or if a high demand spec specific item drops, Off Specs will be second to Main Specs. Likewise, if a player is asked to come on an alt to fill a critical role, that player will be eligible to roll with the Greed rolls.

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