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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 11:27 pm  Post subject:  Guild Charter Reply with quoteBottom of PageBack to top

  1. Shar Hellven is a place for friends to play together, please show respect for your fellow guild members and players on Frostmane.

  2. Maintaining a good attitude is of the utmost importance to being recruited into Shar and remaining a member. Selfishness, aggressiveness, and disrespect for your guildmates and other players on the server are all signs of an attitude we do not want in our guild. Repeated demonstrations of these behaviours will result in your dismissal.

  3. Please remember that we have the in-game chat channels, voice chat, and our web forums to talk to our friends and play the game better. Humor and friendly teasing are always appropriate in these places, and profanity is not prohibited, but respectfulness should always be maintained. Abusive, or genuinely offensive language is not acceptable (this includes egregiously racist, sexist, and homophobic comments).

  4. How you communicate in the in-game chat channels, voice chat channels, and web forums is almost as important as what you say. Please avoid spamming and CAPS in chat and forums, or real shouting while on voice chat.

  5. Shar has an excellent reputation on Frostmane, with good reason. Our members behave with honor and friendliness, and we're well respected for it. Shar members are required to behave politely and respectfully to other players both in-game and on WoW-related public web forums. Ninja-looting is, of course, prohibited, as is verbal abuse or harassment of other players and guilds both in and out of game. If you feel you are being harassed or otherwise treated badly, seize the ethical high ground and don't respond in kind, or else add your harrasser to your /ignore list. In the event of repetitive or intense harassment, you should also bring the matter to attention of the officers, who will help you form an appropriate response.

  6. Shar members are expected to obey the rules of the game, as documented by Blizzard, especially their in-game policies as listed on their website. In general, the officers will leave enforcement of Blizzard rules and policies to Blizzard's support staff. However, the officers will take harsh disciplinary action against any member who egregiously exploits game mechanics, or who collaborates with Horde players during PvP combat, or who harrasses other Alliance players while they're engaged in outdoor raid encounters.

  7. The sharing of account information with other players is not encouraged, but it's permitted so long as the officers are kept properly informed. Members should notify the officers if they've given their account information to other players, and any player who is not a member of Shar but has access to a member's character must notify the officers when playing that character. Members remain completely responsible for all the actions of their characters, regardless of who is playing them.

  8. When recruiting, we always give priority to real life friends and family of our current members. We also look for friendly players who have a good attitude and play well. Even so, we can't recruit everyone who our guild members like, and we need some classes more than others. Thus, though you might recommend other players for recruitment, the officers might not feel that they're appropriate for the guild at that time. Please contact Ashyllin with all recruitment inquiries.

  9. New members are brought into the guild with a rank of initiate. New members will remain at this rank indefinitely, at the discretion of the officers. When an initiate has proven his good attitude and that he can be an asset to the guild in the game, the officers will promote him to member. Initiates who fail to demonstrate a good attitude or don't fit well within Shar will be dismissed from the guild. Initiates who aren't working out will not necessarily receive a warning from the officers before being dismissed.

  10. All members of Shar may choose to have their alternate characters of level 15 or higher admitted into the guild. Shar members may also choose to leave their alts unguilded or, in some cases, have them join another guild. Any member seeking to join another guild with an alt must recieve explicit approval from the officers to do so. In general, the officers will only permit alts to join novelty or specialized guilds (dedicated to PvP, for example) and not other full-time or endgame raiding guilds. Initiates are subject to the same rules for alts as members, with the exception that they must be in the guild for a short time before the officers will admit their eligible alts. Upon their recruitment, initiates must inform the officers of which other guilds their alts are in, if any, and resign them from those guilds if requested to do so by the officers.

  11. Shar Hellven members do not charge each other for any crafting or enchanting services. If you need something made or enchanted, just ask a guildmate with the appropriate skills. They may ask you to provide some/all of the materials, but the service must be rendered for free. We also encourage members to be generous within the guiild. If you have items or materials that another guildie may need, you should consider giving it to them, rather than selling it to them or to someone out of guild. Membership should have its priviledges, and your generosity will eventually be returned.

  12. Shar maintains a guild bank of gold and materials to be utilized for the common good of the guild and the benefit of individual members. Xzodus maintains money and most materials, while Ashyllin maintains enchanting materials. In order to use materials from the bank, you must be a member in good standing, with a history of contributing items and materials to the bank.

  13. Shar members are expected to aid each other with quests and instance runs. Unless you're already occupied, you should aid other guild members who need a group. If you have trouble putting together a group for a task you need to complete, ask the officers for aid in forming one.

  14. If you have a problem with anything to do with the guild, one of your guildmates, or a dispute with another guild, please bring it up with an officer privately to make him aware of your concerns. The worst thing you can do about such a problem is to let it fester. The officers are discreet, and will try to assist you as much as possible. The officers can't always promise the resolution to your problem that you would prefer, but they'll listen and help you resolve your issues fairly, and as expeditiously as possible.

  15. The points in this charter reflect the basic principles of Shar Hellven. We hope all members will agree and abide by them. In the unfortunate and unlikely event of a member violating this code, the guild officers or guild leader will issue a warning and possibly a demotion. The officers also have the discretion to punish behavior not explicitly prohibited by the rules if they believe a player has violated the spirit of being a good member of Shar, even though no listed rule was broken. Any transgression that's sufficiently serious, or continued rules violations, or repeatedly unacceptable behavior, or failure to accept penalties as decided by the officers will result in dismissal from the guild.

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